Miguel A. Garcia

An electroacoustic piece

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Illogical harmonies with d’incise

Johnny Chang, violin
Mike Majkowski, double bass
d’incise, recordings

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Stefan Thut – Insub.8tet
One and seven

Stefan Thut, composition, cello
Antoine Läng, voice, volumes
Alexis Dergrenier, hurdy-gurdy
Patricia Bosshard, violin
Cyril Bondi, Harmonium
d’incise, bowed tuned metal pieces
Raphael Ortis, electric bass
Rodolphe Loubatière, snare drum

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Cyril Bondi / Toma Gouband
Hi No Tori

Cyril Bondi: floortom, loudspeaker, small objects
Toma Gouband: stones, percussions

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Insub Meta Orchestra

Beatrice Graf, Teresa Hackel, Patricia Bosshard, Thomas Peter, Jacques Demierre, Cyril Bondi, Sébastien Branche, Heike Fiedler, Erik Ruffing, Daniel Tyrrell, Lea Danzeisen, Rodolphe Loubatière, Christophe Berthet, Bruno Crochet, Regula Gerber, Antoine Läng, Gregor Vidic, Simon Bolay, Christoph Schiller, Luc Müller, Dorothea Schürch, Thierry Simonot, Bertrand Gauguet, d’incise, Vinz Vonlanthen, Coralie Lonfat, Jamasp Jhabvala, Christian Müller & Filippo Provenzale.

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Cyril Bondi: floortom, objects, etc
d’incise: laptop, objects, etc

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Hannes Lingens
Four Pieces for Quintet

Koen Nutters: Double Bass
Johnny Chang: Viola
Michael Thieke: Clarinet
Hannes Lingens: Accordion
Derek Shirley: Double Bass

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