INSUB. is a label, an orchesta, a concert organiser, and a recording studio based in Geneva, CH.
It is acting in the field of experimental improvised & composed music.
The Records section releases cds, vinyls and k7 albums (after a period (2013-2016) of experimentation with a prints+dl format).
The concerts happens here and there in Geneva, and the Insub Meta Orchestra is a very large ensemble created in 2010 with musician from all Switzerland and beyond.
These activities have been develloped since 2006, formely under the « Insubordinations » name as a netlabel and by the non-profit association of the same name.


INSUB META ORCHESTRA Ten/Sync »[cd/digi]
LOUIS LAURAIN « Pulses, Pipes, Patterns » [LP/digi] in june, in co-prod with Carton records.

JASON KAHN – ANTOINE LÄNG « Paratopia » [cd/digi]
BONDI-D’INCISE « La lavintse » (de Asís​-​Schiller​-​Tantanozi​-​Tataroglou​-​Winter) [cd/digi]

– 8 new pieces for duets, audio & video recordings and interviews –

BONDI-DENZLER-D’INCISE « Phonolecte / Pyrrhonisme » [k7/digi]
CRISTIÁN ALVEAR-BURKHARD STANGL « Pequeños fragmentos de una música discreta » [cd/digi]

HÜBSCH, MARTEL, ZOUBEK « Ize » [cd/digi]’INCISE « Levitas » (Lane, De Asís, Mécanique, Majkowski, Garin) [digi] [Christophe Berthet – Sebastien Bouhana – Raphaël Ortis] « Inclusio » [digi] « Intervalles » (Pascal Battus, Betrand Gauguet, Rodolphe Loubatière)[CD/digi]’INCISE « Ocho pretextos » [CD/digi] GENTHON & MATHIAS FORGE « Notice » [CD/digi] PISARO / INSUB META ORCHESTRA « Achilles, Socrates, Diotima (The Poem of Names, No. 2) » [CD/digi] GRANBERG / INSUB META ORCHESTRA « Als alle Vögel sangen mein Sehnen und Verlangen » [CD/digi]’incise – Assemblée, relâche, réjouissance, parade [CD] Spirale & Chris Cogburn – Autocannibalism [CD]übsch, Martel, Zoubek – Otherwise [CD]
Magnus Granberg – Nattens skogar (version for four players) [LP]
Cyril Bondi – d’incise – Magnus Granberg – Anna Lindal meta orchestra – Choices & melodies [LP]’incise – Ufer/cm.
free netrelease Bondi & Christoph Schiller – Nine moments
free netrelease
THE PHONETIC ORCHESTRA – The Station and the Underclass
free netrelease
d’incise «Appalachian Anatolia»
Clara de Asis
free netrelease
Stefan Thut – Insub.8tet
one and seven
Illogical harmonies with d’incise
Miguel A. Garcia
Cyril Bondi / Toma Gouband
Hi No Tori
At Cave12
free netrelease
Insub Meta Orchestra
Hannes Lingens
Four Pieces for Quintet