INSUB. is a label, a netlabel, an orchesta, a concert organisation, and a recording studio based in Geneva, CH.
It covers the fields of experimental, electroacoustic, improvised & composed musics.
The Records section releases vinyls, cds, and k7 albums, after a period (2013-2016) of experimentation with a prints+dl format.
The netlabel offers free download for every releases, but some are however available in classical physical format (cd, cdr, LP).
The concerts happens here and there in Geneva, and the Insub Meta Orchestra is a very large ensemble created in 2010 with musician from all Switzerland and beyond.
These activities have been develloped since 2006, formely under the « Insubordinations » name, and by the non-lucrative association of the same name.

– 8 new pieces for duets, audio & video recordings and interviews –

BONDI-DENZLER-D’INCISE « Phonolecte / Pyrrhonisme » [k7/digi]
CRISTIÁN ALVEAR-BURKHARD STANGL « Pequeños fragmentos de una música discreta » [cd/digi]

HÜBSCH, MARTEL, ZOUBEK « Ize » [cd/digi]’INCISE « Levitas » (Lane, De Asís, Mécanique, Majkowski, Garin) [digi] [Christophe Berthet – Sebastien Bouhana – Raphaël Ortis] « Inclusio » [digi] « Intervalles » (Pascal Battus, Betrand Gauguet, Rodolphe Loubatière)[CD/digi]’INCISE « Ocho pretextos » [CD/digi] GENTHON & MATHIAS FORGE « Notice » [CD/digi] PISARO / INSUB META ORCHESTRA « Achilles, Socrates, Diotima (The Poem of Names, No. 2) » [CD/digi] GRANBERG / INSUB META ORCHESTRA « Als alle Vögel sangen mein Sehnen und Verlangen » [CD/digi]’incise – Assemblée, relâche, réjouissance, parade [CD] Spirale & Chris Cogburn – Autocannibalism [CD]übsch, Martel, Zoubek – Otherwise [CD]
Magnus Granberg – Nattens skogar (version for four players) [LP]
Cyril Bondi – d’incise – Magnus Granberg – Anna Lindal meta orchestra – Choices & melodies [LP]’incise – Ufer/cm.
free netrelease Bondi & Christoph Schiller – Nine moments
free netrelease
THE PHONETIC ORCHESTRA – The Station and the Underclass
free netrelease
d’incise «Appalachian Anatolia»
Clara de Asis
free netrelease
Stefan Thut – Insub.8tet
one and seven
Illogical harmonies with d’incise
Miguel A. Garcia
Cyril Bondi / Toma Gouband
Hi No Tori
At Cave12
free netrelease
Insub Meta Orchestra
Hannes Lingens
Four Pieces for Quintet