From september until decembre 2020, INSUB. curates the Insub.distances project. It invited height composers from the experimental scene to write originial scores. These compositions were interpreted by 8 duos of musicians fully separeted. The pieces, recorded & filmed, and broadcasted online only investigate the issues of proximity and distance in a context where artistic mobility is turned obsolete by the current crisis, highlighting the need to create and exchange, beyond masks and closed borders. The 8 dematerialized performances that will be published one every two weeks, in video & audio formats, alongside interviews in which the musical, technical, contextual and personal aspects of the performers’ work are discussed. This dematerialized proposition explores virtuality as a palliative during the current situation – but also its limits by a crude montage which underlines the separation between the performers. The simplicity of the set-up ultimately reinforces the power of the music : tender and subtle counterpoints are found side by side to interweaved humming voices, explosive bursts, pulsations, meticulous explorations, resonance activations & ethereal harmonies…


Michael Pisaro-Liu ~ d’incise & Philippe Lauzier
Annette Schmucki ~ Antoine Läng & Myriam Pruvot
Ryoko Akama ~ Rodolphe Loubatière & Bonnie Jones
Jacques Demierre ~ Raphaël Ortis & Camille Emaille
Clara de Asís ~ Violeta Motta & Cristián Alvear
Christian Wolfarth ~ Alexandra Bellon & Alexis Degrenier
Sarah Hennies ~ Cyril Bondi & Mike Majkowski
Jürg Frey ~ Anouck Genthon & Pierre-Yves Martel




Avec le soutien de la Fondation Suisa, la Fondation Nicati-de Luze et le projet Close distance de Pro Helvetia