KARST Samuel D

abstral compost: voix
d’incise / luc mueller / cyril bondi:
étendages à linge, objets, percussions, etc

1. Samuel D mp3

Download the complete album in .zip (31min 23 / 320kbps mp3+cover / 75Mo)

CDr, screenprinted black enveloppe, 8eur.

Enregistré le 18.08.09 au Studio du Funiculaire, Lausanne. Texte tiré de, « Ecrits Bruts », textes choisis et présentés par Michel Thevoz, Collections Perspectives critiques, 1979, Presses universitaires de France.

KARST is a free improvisation and (sound) poerty quartet; intermingling objects and instruments, creating an architecture of percussions, squeaks, frictions, unreal impulses, instinctive mathematic sounds in constant reorganization. KARST is a landscape; carved by corrosion, with sharp, underground cavities where thousands of roads offer themselves to the adventurous listener.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license. Copy, share, burn, P2P, offer, thank you for that, but please keep the whole record complete with all its elements.