ENSEMBLE RUE DU NORD live at st-gervais

Benoît Moreau: clarinet
Laurent Bruttin: bass clarinet
Jonas Kocher: accordion
Miran Zrimsek: cello
Dragos Tara: double bass
John Menoud: guitar, electronics
Svetlana Maras: piano
Robert Roza: no-input electronics
Lukatoyboy: toys, sampler, electronics
David Tabachnik: sound

1. live at st-gervais mp3

Download the complete album in .zip (44min 42 / 320kbps mp3+cover / 119Mo)

The Ensemble Rue du Nord is a tank of musicians, a variable geometry ensemble, adapting to improvised music projects as to interdisciplinary compositions and practices. It was founded in 2005 during a project under the control of Urs Leimgruber, a musicna from Lucern. It has performed many concerts in Switzerland and in Balkans with the ‘swiss-balkan creative music’, in collaboration with the dancer Emma Ribing and the company CH.AU.

The « swiss-balkan creative music » brings together the musicians of the Ensemble Rue du Nord and guests from the Ex-Yugoslavia. Many concerts and wokshops were given in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Sofia, Skopje and Prishtina of between 2007 and 2008, thus allowing meetings and collaborations between Swiss and Balkans musicians. The Biel concert is part of aswiis tour in february 2009, bringing together Swiss musicians and four guests representative of the young scene of the improvised and experimental musics of Balkans.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license.

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