phil hargreaves: sax
lee noyes: drums, percussions
bruno duplant: contrebasse

1. porter attention à ce qui va suivre mp3
2. se lever avant le jour mp3
3. garder les choses comme elles sont mp3
4. parfois ne penser à rien mp3
5. oublier que le temps passe mp3
6. demander à la poussière mp3
7. s’aimer le temps d’une éternité mp3
8. croire que tout est possible mp3
9. écouter systématiquement son coeur mp3

Download the complete album in .zip(50min 19 / VBR mp3+cover / 97Mo)

Phil Hargreaves was born in the 1950’s in the North of England, and then grew up in the Midlands. The Punk Explosion of 1976 opened his eyes to the transformative power of music, and planted the seed that the idea is more important than the technique avaible to realise it. Resident in Liverpool since 1980, his main instrument is now the saxophone. He also composes, produces and manipulates sound from that base, both live and via internet.
Lee Noyes, born 1977. Active in New Zeland Noise since mid-1990’s; musical adventures in a bubble. Became fascinated by the world of jazz through friendship with eccentric retired drummer whilst spending most musical time composing concrete muisc on the Tascam. Late 90’s ditched electronics and amplification to explore the dirct relation between flesh and metal, riding wood and skin, ceaslessly rejecting all experiments in search of the « new ». Until coming full circle and finding freedom in « folk »; « folk » being free; freedom what the improvising musician seeks. That and dialogue. Sometimes, working in isolation, the dialogue takes form as a chainletter. Bubbles are bursting and music is made all over.
Bruno Duplant was born just after the 1968 french events – a clue ?- He jumps very late into the musical adventure, moreover as an autodidact… but that needn’t matter, he tackled the guitar, the double-bass, the banjo… and never gets tired of discovering and clearing his own fields.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license.

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