MACHINEGUN Three Wisemen in a Straightjacket

John Menoud: Alto & Baryton Saxophones
Frédéric Berney: Bass
Filippo Provenzale: Drums

1. my gun’s empty mp3
2. rebel without a cause mp3
3. sharp nerves mp3
4. Grace got a brand new machine mp3
5. loneliness mp3
6. dial K for Kelly mp3
7. sea shell mp3

Download the complete album in .rar (37 min 27 / VBR mp3+cover / 100Mo)

Recorded by Souheil Mellah at RVK Lighthouse (Geneva) June 2008.

MachineGun extends his sound through different landscapes, which come from their own paths of energy.
In a way, this band keep concentrate his inner rage to express and blow-up a sonic anger.
They spell certain subversive ideas – which we can find in their sound – like Chaos is the Eros side of our lives, and Order is in fact death.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license.

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