Eve Risser: Grand Piano
Rafal Mazur: Acoustic Bass Guitar

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Recorded in concert, 21.06.2008, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Krakow. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rafal Drewniany « Dzwiek to Sztuka/Sound is Art » mobile recording studio.

Eve Risser has her musical roots in chamber music as a flutist and pianist. While residing in Alsace, France, she merged in to the contemporary and jazz/improvised music world.
Eve’s multifaceted musical creativity has been heard in various settings, festivals and groups throughout Europe, USA and Japan. She has had the opportunity to play with interesting improvisers in a broad range of contexts, such as in theatre, dance, poetry, children, solo performances, contemporary and live soundtracks to films. Eve’s actual musical researches are based on the exploration of paradoxal piano sounds, on the experimentation of the different delays existing between the improviser and the sound finality, and how all these techniques are scribed in a musical meaning.
Currently Eve´s musical life is based out of Paris where she is involved in organizing contemporary and improvised music live performances and a festival.
Eve has had the possibility to play with great musicians such as Joel Grip, Yuko Oshima, Caroline Kraabel, Nina de Heney, Michael Zerang, David Stackenäs, Christine Senhaoui, Sofia Jernberg, Shelly Blake, Charlie Haden, Tim Murphy, Niklas Barnö, Adolfo Kaplan, Yan Marezs, Anete Schluenz, Joris Rühl, Seiko Fukushima, John Berndt, Michael Formanek, Gary Thomas, Jaap Blonk, Katt Hernandez, Ron Anderson, Devin Grey, John Hollenbeck, Theo Bleckman, Susan Alcorn, Armand Angster to name a few.

Rafal Mazur, Graduate of State Secondary School of Music in Krakow, in the cello class of Krzysztof Okon. Fascinated with jazz and bass guitar, he studied privately with a KraKow bass player Marek Janicki. At present Rafal Mazur plays acoustic bass guitars custom built to his own specifications by guitar maker Jerzy Wysocki. He has developed an advanced and individual approach to his instrument—and to improvisation in general—in which sonority, extended technic and gesture combine effortlessly in performance. Mazur’s uncompromising musical standards are matched by the sophistication of his wit and demeanor on- and offstage.
He has taken an important role in Kraków to support young artists and improvised art and has performed jazz and improvised music in clubs and festivals across Poland and in much of Europe (recently in China) . He is a founder of “Improvising Artists” – an informal association grouping musicians – improvisers, who promote and create improvised music. Rafal Mazur focuses on cooperation with Keir Neuringer, project “PROCESS_Laboratory of Intuition” and “Ensemble 56” Hunagrain-Polish contemporary jazz band. He is an organizer of “Meeting of Improvisers” – the annual international multidisciplinary modern event.He also studying philosophy at the Jagielonian University and practise Tai Ji.

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