01. 60CM (3x 20 steps)
02. 11955ft III
03. Am Ufer von Rauschen
04. Echo and narcissus about dead horses (TAT, Berlin)
05. The myth of growth in a finite world


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A collection of works done between 2014 & 2016.

60CM (3x 20 steps)
A carefull exploration of the resonances of a 60 centimeter metal ruler regarding the position it is held.

11955ft III
Played by Cyril Bondi, Antoine Läng, Raphael Ortis & d’incise, alias the Insub.4tet.
Electronic sounds are used as score, their acoustic interpretations shift from one player to the other.

Am Ufer von Rauschen

By Thierry Charolais, Violet Postnova, Christoph Stähli & d’incise, recorded by Sergey Suokas.
On the Baltic shore, near Kaliningrad, four perfomers with melodicas follow a deplacement score, slowly walking down stairs to reach the sea.

Echo and narcissus about dead horses
On a four seconds reverbe space, The Tieranatomisches Theater in Berlin, sin tones beats with the echo of each of their previous one.

The myth of growth in a finite world
A joyfuly hopeless electroacoustic lowercase piece, originaly in 8 channels, based amongst things on city war alarms.

[insub47] / january 2018

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