Guez Trio Je suis celui qui je veux être

Laurent Estoppey: saxophones, electronic
Edmée Fleury: voice
François Rossi: drums

1. Nous avons pris la mer ensemble mp3
2. L’ange est le miroir de l’homme et de la femme mp3
3. Je comprends le lieu (de la) Vierge mp3
4. Ferré, bagué, annelé, ferré, bagué, annelé, ferré, bagué… mp3
5. La mer ravive en moi le désir d’une géométrie passionnée mp3
6. Quelle est cette naissance où j’ose une blancheur ? mp3
7. Je te voulais donner mon nom mp3

Download the complete album in .zip (54min29 / 320kbps mp3+cover / 132Mo)

Recorded 15-18 april 2010, ARC-romainmôtier. Mix and mastering by Edouard Chapuis

« Dans le golfe de Gênes, vers la fin de la nuit, alors que la lune change de rive et qu’il n’y a plus de vent, je comprends le lieu vierge, le lieu où présence et absence s’estompent. Et le souffle devient vertu dans la barre qui l’affirme. Et le cri qui signifie. »
Christian Gabriel/le Guez Ricord, extrait des Neuf méditerranéennes

In 2007, Laurent Estoppey started to work around the words of French poet Christian Gabriel/le Guez Ricord (1948-1988).
At first a solo project  developed during a residency in Piégon, France), the work on Guez Ricord developed into duets with Edmee Fleury and François Rossi; Estoppey also work with about forty children to create recordings. Finally, a residency as a trio at the ARC-Romainmôtier, Switzerland in April 2010 led to this record.
The meanings, sounds, rhythms, structures, and images of Guez Ricord’s words are the source of a totally free musical and vocal improvisational process.

Christian Gabriel/le Guez Ricord. Born in Marseille in 1948, Guez Ricord published his first collection of poems at age 17 and, in the same year, won the Paul Valery prize. Residing at the Villa Medicis in 1974, he then published with Sud, Gallimard, and Maeght. As Gerard de Nerval and Antonin Artaud, Guez Ricord was in and out of psychiatric asylums. All three experienced periods of delirium and saw themselves as archangels. Guez Ricord used his writing to save himself temporarily.

With a classical background, Laurent Estoppey has chosen to dedicate himself almost entirely to new music. A hundred works have been created for him or are the result of collaborations with him by composers from several countries. He has practiced improvisation in many musical projects but also through the contact with other art forms (literature, theater, dance, visual arts). He plays with many musical groups and has recorded a dozen records.

After seven years of painting, interdisciplinary artist Edmee Fleury dedicated herself entirely to the exploration of voice and vocal music. Since 2002, she has been a founding member of the vocal a cappella trio NØRN. Impassioned  by improvisation, she has collaborated with, among others, Antoine Auberson, Jean Rochat, Jean-Pierre Schaller. Her interest for the arts and her love of words drive her to work with theater’s directors like Jacques Roman, Anne-Cecile Moser, Jacques Vincey, or the actor Jean-Louis Johannides. She also writes and sings her own theatrical productions.

Born in Marseille, Francois Rossi studied classical violin for nearly 6 years and discovered the drums at the age of ten. He began to perform on stage with other musicians while still in Marseille. Rossi studied at the conservatories in Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier and Marseille, where he graduated in 2005. At the same time, he learned the language of improvisation by practicing with musicians like Raymond Boni or Barre Phillips. His work is focused on mastering the sound of his instrument and the control of musical energy, two essential components in the practice of modern drumming and rhythmic improvisation.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license.

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