christian graf: guitare
d’incise: laptop & objects
filippo provenzale: drums

1. syrtis mayor mp3
2. hellas planitia mp3
3. valles marineris mp3
4. dao & niger mp3
5. tharsis montes mp3
6. vastitas borealis mp3

Download the complete album in .zip (53 min 07 / 320kbps mp3+cover / 128Mo)

Recorded at RVK Lighthouse, Geneva, March 2009, mixed at La Femme à la Buche Studio and mastered at Freestudios, by S.Mellah

Parsec3 is a free improvisation trio which draws its colours extensively in various current musical languages, from the densities and dynamics of free jazz, to the noise vague, but also with some microtonal elements, in order to try a synthesis, but also a creation rooted in our fast changing and unpredictable times.
This trio is composed of experienced musicians who like to take crossed-paths and to share to the public their quest of the unknown and surprise.

Born in Geneva in 1983, d’incise performs behind its laptop in every corner of Europe, from Portugal to Scotland, working with personalities of great calibre in the improvised music community. Uncontrollable noise maker, engages battles without compromise with objects of every kind, mistreating them through digital elements.
Loves to share and spread its albums and creations on the web, he’s a member of the Audioactivity Collective and founder of Improvised music Insubordinations Netlabel. He is member of Diatribes (with cyril bondi) and Karst (with cyril bondi, luc mueller and abstral compost).

Christian Graf:
Born in Geneva in 1957, musician and composer, takes part in numerous active projects on the Swiss improvised scene. Guitarist of great experience and captivating stage presence, is constantly in seek of musical dialogue with the musicians with whom he interacts on stage, but also with the audience which, following Graf’s credo, constitutes a fundamental part of the artistic execution.
Regularly active with and founding member of the historic collective/Bigband « Fanfareduloup Orchestra », takes part to numerous activities and arrangements / compositions for theater, modern ballet and cinema. Works for projects, recordings or concerts, with great personalities such as Riccardo Del Fra, Erik Truffaz, Daniel Humair, Urs Blöchlinger, Glenn Ferris, Mathieu Michel, Pierre-François Massy, Grégoire Maret, Marcel Papaux, Monty Alexander, Léon Francioli, etc.

Filippo Provenzale:
Born in Minusio, Switzerland in 1971, is mainly self taught on the drums, but not only: the decisive encounters with Elvin Jones and Ron Savage (Berklee College of Music) and Leonzio Cherubini (Conservatory of Montreux) have shaped his style and unmistakable color. After some experiences with big band, modal Jazz, and post-bop formations, he’s been now concentrating on his natural approach to improvised music for many years, on multidirectional rythms, avant-garde forms, unexplored and creatively free musical territories. Works among others currently with Machinegun Trio with Fred Berney on bass and John Menoud on saxophones.
He’s blessed by the chance to play in fall 2009 with Avant-garde Freejazz master Charles Gayle with Pierre-Francois Massy on double-bass.

This recordings are under a Creative Commons license.

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