RELENTLESS metal workshop

Sébastien Branche: saxophones & objects
Artur Vidal: saxophones & objects

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2. part 2 mp3

Download the complete album in .zip (19 min 03 / 320kbps mp3+cover / 44Mo)

Recorded in July 09, during a residency on soundscape at CESTA (, in a metal workshop, Cerní Remeslníci (Tábor, Czech Republic), while two workers Ladislav svárec Procházka and Karel bruska Sychra, are at work as usual. The piece that comes from it is a 20 minutes testimony of our presence there. We would like to thank Hilary Binder, Christopher Rankin, Georges Cremaschi, Ladislav svárec Procházka and Karel bruska Sychra.

Following a collaboration in the multidisciplinary improvisation-collective In Sit-U in 2003, the two saxophone players Artur Vidal and Sébastien Branche decided to examine together the different relations that could be found between the way they play music and the other forms of expressions involving instant-composition.
For the past few years, they have been looking into the relations between dancing, video and improvised music. /Relentless/ is, in a way, the sound layer that settled through these investigations.
Long tones, circular breathing, multiphonics, objects, are some recurring elements always renewed in a dialog between an idiom that settles through practice, and the necessity to improvise to create a music that takes into account each sound and each instant in its composition

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