Gianni Lenoci, piano, composition, conduction
Stefano Luigi Mangia, voice
Carla Genchi, voice
Miriam Neglia, voice
Vito Galante, trumpet
Pamela Catucci, trumpet
Antonio Lo Re, trumpet
Carlo Mascolo, trombone,dijeridoo
Antonio Furio, tuba
Andrea Campanella,clarinet
Francesco Massaro, sax
Antonangelo Giudice, sax
Federico Dammacco, sax,flute
Stefania Ladisa, violin
Adolfo La Volpe, guitar, electronics
Giovanni Volpe,guitar
Giuspeppe Pascucci, guitar
Leo Binetti, synth
Govinda Gari, piano
Angelo Urso, double bass
Pasquale Gadaleta, double bass
Ananda Gari, drums
Giovanni Angelini, drums
Giacomo Mongelli, drums&percussions
Alessio Giuliani, percussions

1. ephemeral#2 mp3

Download the complete album in .rar (48 min 51 / VBRmp3+cover / 96Mo)

Recorded in concert at Conservatorio « Nino Rota » Monopoli (ITALY), June 19th, 2008 by Antonio « IL TUBISTA » Furio.

Ephemeral #2:
Gianni Lenoci followed the usual way he use from last three years: just small notated fragments as starting point to jump into improvisation. These small notated fragments are a kind of  » prolific material ». They can be used in several ways: combination, permutation, inversion and so forth, in the same way a sculptor manipulate his materials. Gianni showed to musicians the general gist of the composition and through the process of rehearsal and human relationship the group went to a kind of « structure » with sections, musical figures and gestures, signals and orchestration.
« squeeze what you have ’til last and then go to the other corner. » (Mal Waldron)

Hocus_Pocus Improvisers Orchestra:
The Hocus_Pocus Improvisers Orchestra explores the relationships between improvisation and musical writing in its various forms, including the use of graphic scores, traditional&alternative notations, game pieces and conduction. The ensemble plays music from the more radical fringes of the contemporary repertoire (Cage, Maderna,Bussotti, Stockhausen, Ferrari among others), as well as compositions by Gianni Lenoci,totally improvised music and free jazz.

Gianni Lenoci:
Piano Diploma at “St. Cecilia » Conservatory in Rome, Electronic Music Composition Diploma at « N. Piccinni » Conservatory in Bari. Improvised music studies with Mal Waldron and Paul Bley. Award by “Centre Acanthes” in Paris (France).
He is performer and composer (both acoustical and electronic) of notaded and improvised music. He played with: Massimo Urbani, Steve Lacy, Joelle Leandre, Steve Grossman, Harold Land, Bob Mover, Enrico Rava, Glenn Ferris,Eugenio Colombo, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Don Moye, Han Bennink, Antonello Salis, Carlo Actis Dato, David Gross, Paul Lovens, Sakis Papadimitriou, Georgia Sylleou, Jean-Jacques Avenel, John Betsch,Markus Stockhausen,Steve Potts, Carlos Zingaro, John Tchicai. Further more he give performances with poets,dancers and multimedia artists.
From 1988 He is teaching PERFORMANCE, IMPROVISATION & COMPOSITION in jazz and contemporary music classes at « Nino Rota » Conservatory in Monopoli (Italy). He performed extensively in clubs, concert hall and festivals in Italy, France, England, Romania, Hungaria, Albania, Argentina, USA, Turkey,Canada,Greece, and recorded for:Splasc(h), Modern Times, ASC, LEO,SENTEMO,AFK, VM-ADA, DAME (Ambiance Magnetiques), Vel Net, Soul Note. He is ERASMUS visiting professor at Bucharest University, Corfu University and Royal Northern College of Manchester. At current time his main focus is on improvisation and on interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach and Morton Feldman music.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license.

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