eric pailhe: tenor saxophon
johann bourquenez: piano

d’incise: laptop&objects
cyril bondi: drums & percussions
gaël riondel: tenor saxophon & flute
christophe berthet: alto & baryton saxophon
johann bourquenez: piano

1. tlön5 1 mp3
2. tlön5 2 mp3
3. tlön5 3 mp3
4. diatribes+c.berthet+j.bourquenez 1 mp3
5. diatribes+c.berthet+j.bourquenez 2 mp3
6. diatribes+c.berthet+j.bourquenez 3 mp3
7. diatribes+c.berthet+j.bourquenez 4 mp3
8. diatribes+c.berthet+j.bourquenez 5 mp3

Download the complete album in .rar (58 min 53 / VBR mpr+cover / 112Mo)

tlön5 recorded live at miroiterie, Paris, 04.12.06, diatribes recorded live at clos voltaire, Geneva, 24.11.06.

After a few gigs, Eric Pailhé (tenor saxophone, electronics) and Johann Bourquenez (piano, electronics) recorded in January 2004 their first Tlön 5 album, « The Fissback Voyage » and created a new personnal soundscape between free music and electronic music. Instead of producing it on a cd, they prefered to release it for free on internet. In August 2004, eDogm netlabel is on line and propose to download « The Fissback Voyage » for free. Then, since August 2005, Tlön 5 began to look for saxophone and piano gigs, free forms and totally improvised concerts with no set list, no electronic stuff, to express the intensity of the moment that’s happening.

« magnetic meeting, desire of a free expression, interaction, intensity and fluctuation of the energy level, breaths, quiverings, cracklings, bearings, masses, crash, chaos, between free jazz and electroacoustic approach. Hidden rage, somewhat disillusioned feeling in glance of a society whose future leaves us dubitative. Impregnated urban context, the sound matter builds, becomes deformed, tears off influence of the reason, implose and becomes again the dream which is spread out behind our eyelids  »
diatribes, a strongly libertarian trio, began its existence in a Geneva basement in Winter 2004. Their idea was to mix three distinct types of sound (electronic, wind and percussion), in order to develop a malleable musical mass. The saxophone and drums merge into each other in a primary dance, where construction and deconstruction coexist, and envy and disgust unite. There are no limits to their sound, where rhythms, melodies and noise meet sporadically, merging into each other until they are almost forgotten. Free jazz in its approach, acoustic and electronic in its execution, the trio is capable of exploring the minute like the intense. Their relationship with the public is intimate and profound. Dreams and fears become noise and silence…
Building upon the basis of the trio, diatribes is also polymorphous, extending its spectrum to other musicians such as the guitarist Christian Graf, the electroacoustician Nicolas Sordet, the pianist Johann Bourquenez and the saxophonist Christophe Berthet.