Mathias Delplanque: laptop 01. SOL mp3

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Mathias Delplanque (born in 1973 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) is a musician, artist and music critique.
His work as a composer takes on several main lines and develops through different identities: Lena (dub), Bidlo (electronica), Stensil, The Missing Ensemble…
As Mathias Delplanque, he creates sound installations and concrete or ambient pieces (the series « Ma chambre Quand Je N’y Suis pas », « La Plinthe », « L’Inondation »). His work was presented several times in galleries such as La Belle de Mai in Marseille, VKS in Toulouse, Oboro or La Fonderie Darling in Montreal, or Mercer Union in Toronto.
Mathias Delplanque is involved in various collective projects such as The Missing Ensemble (along with John Sellekaers and Daniel De Los Santos), whose first album was released in 2006 on the label Mondes Elliptiques. He is also one of the founding members (along with Black Sifichi and Charlie O) of AAA Men, a trio of vocal and electronic improvisation.
A strong believer in art and music collaboration, he worked with many great visual artists (Dove Allouche, Jean-Pierre Aubé) and musicians (Charlélie Couture, Rob Mazurek, Steve Arguelles, the band Man, Black Sifichi, MC Tablloyd, DJ Uncl’Benz, the band Blowpipe…).
His literary work evolves around the study and critique of electronic music (his texts are published in Mouvement, Musica Falsa and Recording magazines).

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