FIST OF KONG does stuff

Charlie Naked: harmonium, alto & tenor sax, percussion, keyboard, mouthpiece
Nad Fisterton III: acoustic & electric bass, keyboard, theremin, banjo, electronic noise, drums, percussion, harmonica
Jim Otterson: electric guitar (1&7)
Robert Pearson: electric piano (2)
Rose Lange: violin (2)
Melisa Rose: cello (2)
John Atlas: tenor sax (5)
Mike Switzer: trombone (7)
Tom Zermeno: percussion (7)

01. The Corum Plaza mp3
02. Dancing in Sand mp3
03. ElectroFOK mp3
04. Eternity Chimes mp3
05. Burning Bridges mp3
06. NoDrone mp3
07. Mike’s Complaint mp3
08. A Pirates Prophecy mp3

Download the complete album in .rar (51 min 35 / mp3 256kbps+cover / 96Mo)

In 2003, alto and tenor saxophonist Charlie Naked, bassist Danny McMahon, and drummer Vaughan Boone joined forces to become Fist of Kong, a free jazz trio playing spontaneously improvised music, free of preconceptions and premeditation.
Though Boone left after about a year and a half with the group, Naked and McMahon continued Fist of Kong alternately as a more experimental duo, and in a free-improv workshop format with several other members of Houston’s vibrant free improv scene, including trombonist Mike Switzer, guitarist Jim Otterson, keyboardist Robert Pearson, violist Rose Lange, percussionist Tom Zermeno, cellist Melisa Rose, tenor saxophonist John Atlas,and many others.
The members of Fist of Kong do not discuss the music before it’s played, making each rehearsal, recording session, and performance a unique moment of collective self-expression.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license.

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