TUTU COMBO & HEDDY BOUBAKER le grain de l’avoine

heddy boubaker: saxophone
catherine s.massicotte: violon
robin servant: accordéon
éric normand: basse / pick up
patrick-guy desjardins: guitare

01. le grain de l’avoine mp3
02. l’autre grain mp3
03. moudre mp3

Download the complete album in .rar (17min27 / mp3 256kbps+cover / 37Mo)

Tutu Combo:
Inserting into acoustical playing the influence of improvised electronic musics, the group aims at a meeting and at a dialogue of the mediums. His performances are sometimes entirely acoustical, sometimes subject to various types of amplification and electrical implements. The Tutu Combo is active since 2000. It regroups musicians been used by free improvisation. The group favours the contexts of correlation with other forms of art and often collaborated with poets or video directors.
Tutu Combo envisages music in a completely play manner. In a spirit of game more than in virtuosity, work plans are determined by the participants. The musicians appropriate in their please these rules imposed to transform, confuse, twist sound material. The cohesion of the group is so much fond of the freedom of individual expression of the artists who compose it that in the almost private relation of exchange and listening who link them up in game. Tutu Combo plays seriously … as children.
Since 2003, the members of the group also founded Tour de Bras, an organism of creation, production and broadcasting of actual musics.

Heddy boubaker:
After exploring a lot of musical way on guitare and as autodidacte, Heddy Boubaker, currently living near Toulouse (F), fall in love with the saxophone. And from jazz to free-jazz, he approch to the deep form of improvised music, crossing the way of musician as Lê Quan Ninh, Barre Phillips, Sébastien Cirotteau or Fabien Duscomb, develloping a sound where meet rivers, falls, wind in the trees, murmurs or crash of the city, the false silence of an old sleepy house, cracking of the wood and squealing of the gravel under the steps of phlegmatic walkers, mooings, squealings and whistles of phantasmagoric animals… all of this imaginary, imagined, unimaginable sounds who are connected freely in an unceasingly renewed poetry.
He is also organising concert in «  »La Maison Peinte » in Labarthe sur Lèze.

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