CRASHBONSAI shit on scissors: splatter data for fake minds

Crashbonsai: mindfull laptop, acoustic sources treatment for real-time collages

01. untitled mp3
02. alice is tracy and tracy is paul mp3
03. yeah, wow, mp3
04. 2006.2.12llrec19.35.8 mp3
05. blowing on my own blown mp3
06. freedom sucks mp3
07. high performance for a few animals mp3
08. sense mp3
09. wait for me mp3
10. subtraction is sexy mp3
11. unnecessary stop mp3
12. wow, yeah, mp3

Download the complete album in .rar (25min25 / mp3 256kbps+cover / 50Mo)

My laptop is an extension of my body and of my thinking. I use it to discover when I mix my sound with someone else’s sound, I use it to build my skin that can make contact through the web and through the air, I use it to create some pretexts, some areas of questioning about making, about identities and about my relation with others: it permeates and it’s permeated by my mind. I play to discuss myself, to extend myself and criticize my limits, to discuss the culture that constitutes my being, to make experiences of the differences I can not even think.
When a brand new perception crashes on what already inhabits the body, the self mutates its form: a crashbonsai happens, a small crash, sometimes imperceptible but constitutional of the next self. Sound has the privilege to pass through some zones of the body not really defended by culture and that’s why I think it is the right media to cause small breakings.
Crashbonsai is the performing act of the skyapnea project, a platform for the promotion of critical sound and free culture.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license.

Copy, share, burn, P2P, offer, thank you for that, but please keep the whole record complete with all its elements.