Christian Bucher: percussions
Andreas Glauser: electronics
Marc Unternährer: tuba

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02. E1 mp3
03. F3 mp3
04. G5 mp3
05. G7 mp3
06. G8 mp3
07. H7 mp3
08. J1 mp3
09. J2 mp3
10. J3 mp3

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Christian Bucher:
Born in 1969 in Zug (ch), Christian Bucher built his reputation as with his drums solo concert as with his frequent collaborations with other art domains like painting photography, sculpture, video, installation, performance, architectur, litteratur, theater and dance.
With Guido Egli, he wrote musique for documentaries by Stefan Jäger « Von Grund auf wär ich ein Mensch zum Leben » and « Schritte gegen den Wind ».
He was member of « Nevertheless » jazz trio and « Gruppe 9 » (9 artists group). He actually play in duo « Bucher/Fehlmann » and with « Portobello ».
He played in Swizerland, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Brazil, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, India, Poland and Thailand.

Andreas Glauser:
Andreas Glauser, diplomed from the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunste of Lucerne in art and cultural management, is active as artiste and musician.
He experimente, between nose and music, with various devices, analog synths, orgues, mixers or tapes. he alos work with softwarw like Logic.
He coordinate the « brainhall art production » label, who releases few limited cdr’s series and one dvd.

Marc Unternährer:
Marc Unternährer (1975) lives and works in Luzern (ch). He did Classical studies at the Musikhochschule Luzern, Fak. I, performance master degree in 2001.
He worked in different orchestras around Switzerland, but mostly doing modern composed music in various ensembles and as a soloist. As a musician and performer he took part of two theatre pieces by Ruedi Häusermann at the Basel Schauspielhaus.
He currently plays with the Chicago – Luzern Exchange, Albin Brun’s Alpin Quintett, Pipelines (with Hans Kennel and John Wolf Brennan), Mytha and the NAH Trio with Albin Brun on Schwyzerörgeli and Andy Aegerter on drums.
In 2002, Marc Unternährer spent five months in Chicago in the Artists Studio, provided by the Sister Cities Luzern-Chicago, where he met and played with many musicians from the local improvising music scene.
He also played with Marco Käppeli, Fredy Studer, Rob Mazurek, Peter Schärli, Beat Unternährer, Cristin Wildbolz, Andreas Glauser, Christian Bucher, Markus Lauterburg, Swiss Improvisors Orchestra, Andres Bosshard and many others. He teaches Introduction to Free Improvisation, Concept Pieces and Graphical Notations at the Musikhochschule Luzern.

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