PAMELA’S PARADE à la guinguette

Philippe Fretz: saxophone alto, harmonica, voix, texte
Frédéric Boss: batterie, bouche
Jérôme Gautschi: trombone
Vincent Bertholet: contrebasse

1. les ventilateuses mp3
2. nowhere’s more mp3
3. blues connotation (thème ornette coleman) mp3
4. shake sharks mp3
5. sajex mood mp3
6. c’est arrivé mp3

Download the complete album in .rar (37min53 / mp3 256kbps+cover / 76.8Mo)

Pamela’s Parade is born in 2000 in Geneva as drum-sax duo, join by the trombon and the doublebass following years. From this moment, the well-formed band plays in the whole univers, sometimes comming back on earth for close collaborations with the “art&fiction” editions from Lausanne.
Pamela’s Parade is a jazz quartet, influenced by folk as free-jazz or punkised funk. And the recycling jazz? Coin-Coin! sould you answer the guys, jazz thing, thing and roll, and parade because it’s on the scene their music acquires its real dimension, the spectacle being to see as much to hear.

This recordings are under Creative Commons license. Copy, share, burn, P2P, offer, thank you for that, but please keep the whole record complete with all its elements.