Insub Meta Orchestra

Insub Meta Orchestra
Choices & Melodies

A. Two choices 16’12
B. Autonomous melodies 16’26

Alexis Degrenier (hurdy-gurdy) – Anna-Kaisa Meklin (viola da gamba) – Angelika Sheridan (flutes) – Antoine Läng (voice) – Anouck Genthon (violin) – Bertrand Gauguet (saxophone) – Brice Catherin (cello) – Bruno Crochet (laptop) – Christophe Berthet (saxophone) – Cyril Bondi (conduction, harmonium) – d’incise (laptop, harmonium) – Daniel Tyrrell (acoustic guitar) – Dorothea Schürch (voice) – Eric Ruffing (analog synthesizer) – Gerald Perera (electric doublebass) – Hans Koch (clarinet) – Heike Fiedler (voice) – Ivan Verda (electric guitar) – Jamasp Jhabvala (violin) – Luc Müller (floortom, melodica) – Maxime Hänsenberger (percussion, melodica) – Raphaël Ortis (laptop) – Regula Gerber (doublebass) – Rodolphe Loubatière (snare drum, melodica) – Sébastien Branche (saxophone) – Sandra Weiss (bassoon) – Steve Buchanan (saxophone) – Thierry Simonot (laptop) – Violeta Motta (flutes) – Vinz Vonlanthen (electric guitar) – Wanda Obertova (voice) – Yann Leguay (electronic)

Direction and compositions by Cyril Bondi and d’incise.

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Distributed by Metamkine.

« Choices & Melodies » regroup two pieces, composed by Cyril Bondi and d’incise and echoing in a different aspects the « 13 & 27″ cd recently released by Another Timbre, as both were recorded at the same time in the summer 2016.
With « Two choices » the Insub Meta Orchestra exposes its richness of sonic production and variety of sources, acoustic and electronic, with simple instruction of producing two noises per person and the possibility of a change every five seconds. From this rigid structure emerges in fact an endless, subtle and dynamic soundscape.
One the other hand, and LP side, « Autonomous melodies » is a kind of alien piece in the orchestra’s esthetic as it rely on a loud volume, and a free melody of three and four note. But here again it’s the global result produce by the amount of musician that is made audible, it become an hybrid form, a sort of agited drone with a unique new timbre.
Both propositions here are timeless, and sometime dizzyning, they immediately surround the hears with a steady momentum, an own dimension where the music reveal itself in the details and micro-changes in the apparent constance.

April 2018.

Recorded in july 2016, at Studio Ernest Ansermet, Geneva, by Jean Guillaume Teheux.
Mixed by d’incise. LP mastering by Adi Flück. Artwork by d’incise.

This is surely an orchestra, with twenty-five musicians playing the two sidelong compositions by Cyril
Bondi and D’incise and performed by all these people and all these instruments. Too many to list them
all, so I list none. Quite a number of saxophone players, but also laptops, analogue synths, snare drum,
bassoon, flutes, electric guitar, violin voice and so on. On each side there is a single piece and they are
quite different. For the A-side it is ‘Two Choices’, which has the “simple instruction of producing two
noises per person and the possibility of a change every five seconds”. So that should be about fifty
different sounds in always different patterns playing together, and perhaps a recipe for chaos, but
that doesn’t happen. On the contrary, this is a beautiful piece that upon first hearing sounded rather
soft, but when I turned up the volume a bit a whole world of sound opened up. Almost like a bunch of
sea sounds/tape hiss, but with lots of detailed variations in the entire rumble they produce. It is a
very mysterious sounding piece, in which one has a hard time recognizing any of the instruments, I
would think, but it is a thoroughly intense piece of music that I liked a lot.
Instruments on ‘Autonomous Melodies’, on the other side, are easier recognized, I should think.
Not per se as individual instruments, but the Orchestra’s many strings and wind instruments seems
to prevail here. It is, I am told, one of the louder pieces they have played so far and it’s all about volume
and “a free melody of three and four note”. Here too I have no idea how a diverse group interprets that,
but they play a powerful almost acoustic drone music here, with short movements, repeating on and on
and it gives the piece a most interesting cadence, going up and down in perfect rhythm, almost like
everybody is playing one bar, with either three or four notes, on and on. This piece is a total contrast
with ‘Two Choices’ when it comes to approach and execution, but in terms of beauty and intensity, it
is very much the same thing: excellent stuff. Where and when can I see the Orchestra perform?
FdW / Vital Weekly