Assemblée, relâche, réjouissance, parade

1. L’Anglard de St-Donat 1
2. L’Anglard de St-Donat 2
3. L’Anglard de St-Donat 3
4. L’Anglard de St-Donat 4
5. Le désir certain
6. Le désir serein

1-4, assembled from recordings of bowed metalic objets, electric organ, harmonium, banjo & double bass
5-6, bowed metalic sticks, performed live, over detuned/retuned organ background
Composed, recorded and mixed by d’incise at, Geneva, 2017.

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Co-released with Moving Furniture records.

Also available at Bandcamp.

« Assemblée, relâche, réjouissance, parade », or another long, unspeakable, french, title (that would somehow translate as  » Assembly, pause, rejoicing, parade »). Words that conjure ideas of a music used in public and social rituals. The two distinct pieces experiment with the re-injection of music into the experimental area. Do not see anything pretentious about it, it is rather a very personnal path, in the sens, among others, to not forbid certain aspects of music to make appearances, making bridges between conceptuality and simplicity.
The first part, « L’Anglard de St-Donat », is constructed aroud a mazurka tune, a tradional dance from center-France, played by Alfred Mouret, after his father François « L’Anglard ». But the four short « songs » are not to be seen as a reinterpreations (they’re certainly not danceable), rather as a basis for d’incise’s own research. Solid drones and reccurent structres are built with recordings of bowed and strucked metal objects and (sounds of various) instruments make counterpoints and quasi melodic lines.
Then in « Le désir » the strategy is mirrored, electronics (detuned organs) make the rigide, and slightly akward, context for the bowed metal sticks – tuned in relation to the electronic – to be semi-improvised and take a sort of soloist position – unstabilities of both the objects and the gestures sudenly become open to interpreations and expressions. This piece is one of d’incise‘s actual solo
live performance.

[insub.rec.cd03] / june 2019

Over the years I heard quite a bit of his releases, and there seems to be a constant drift and shift when it comes to choosing instruments, styles and partners. He certainly keeps the experimental drift alive in his work. [..] Somehow in these pieces he retains a more song-like structure, stretching out sounds just a little bit, and use them in different configurations, moving around in the mix, which gives the idea of a slow, solemn song. The drone, which seems a constant idea within the music of D’Incise is not far away. It is quite an interesting different approach there. The two longer parts of « Le Désir » have also that drone-like sound, based mainly on the use of detuned organs and on top of that he plays his bowed metal sticks in a bit of an improvised manner. The organ is looped and layered but not in a very repetitive way throughout; it shifts back and forth in changing patterns and has some crude feel to it. It is this raw approach that can still bring relatively delicate music.
FdW / Vital Weekly