Hübsch, Martel, Zoubek

Carl Ludwig Hübsch: tuba, objects, pitch pipes
Pierre-Yves Martel: viola da gamba, pitch pipes, synthesizer
Philip Zoubek: piano, synthesizer

1. Sincerely
2. Likemind

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Also available at Bandcamp.

Slow pace, deep resonnances, ethered surfaces, pitched textures, low tuba tones, prepared piano, richly timbred viola and other delicat sound objets, The Hübsch, Martel, Zoubek trio (CAN/DE) definitely knows how to created a beautiful improvised music, some might says of nordic aspect, with a sense of rhythm, of calm but forward marching pulses with brief climaxes. This third album just confirms the trio’s talent and sensitivity and the value of their long term relation.

[insub.rec.cd01] / october 2018